Bolivian coffee Beans – Taste profile

Bolivian Coffee Bean Guide

Bolivia has tropical weather condition and all other ingredients to produce great coffee beans. The coffee bean plants are of two varieties; Typica and caturra. Whereas, Due to the higher altitude, coffee bean takes longer to ripen and develop which gives beans a burst of flavors.

Bolivian coffee beans have a clean and classic taste. Complex flavors and superb balance

However, most of the Bolivian coffee is from traditional organic and fair-trade farming. Hence, Their beans give a very complete and powerful taste and can withstand any blend.

Bolivian Organic 100% Arabica Fresh Coffee Beans (Medium Roast (Full City +)

Honey , dried cherry: roasted at medium. Dark Roast: Very dark. Intense and deep. Fresh Roasted Each Morning & Shipped in the Afternoon! Even sweeter in the cup, still delicate but rich. The Bolivian Yungas has a heavy, full-bodied, mellow, nutty flavor and satisfying taste, a soft acidity and great balance, topped off with a surprising semi-sweet finish.

Medium dark roast Sweet, caramel flavor 100% Arabic whole bean coffee 14oz USDA ORGANIC

Bolivian coffee taste profile


Medium to High


Light to Med


Delicate and sweet fruity notes with hints of cocoa, and lemon


Subtle fruity flavors and overtones of malt, cocoa, and honey that grow in intensity when the cup cools. Further, very fruity flavor and overtones of malt, cocoa, caramel, and honey. Flavors grows in intensity when the cup cools down.


Mild chocolate and caramel flavors may develop during the roasting process.

Parisi Artisian Coffee 32 Oz., Bolivian Organic, Whole Bean

USDA Certified Organic Whole Bean A medium roast gives this coffee a full profile that is silky and smooth with gentle acidity. You will find hints of sweetness like dark, milk chocolate, a nuance of honeysuckle or mild, sweet almonds.


Certainly, Bolivian coffee beans have an exceptionally smooth, rich and full-flavor – perfectly balanced with a nice sweet finish. So, if you haven’t tried a Bolivian coffee, wait no more and try this delicious coffee ASAP!!

1 Lb Artisan Roasted Organic Bolivian Coffee for Espresso (AAA), Cafe Valverde

A rich, full-flavored espresso with a sweet, slightly nutty finish Organic Bolivian Product Suitable for professional and home espresso machines