Costa Rican Coffee – Best coffee in the world?

Coffee is the most popular drink in the world and if you love coffee, Costa Rican Coffee is a must try! Costa Rica produces high-quality coffee and is truly versatile.

What’s your favorite roast? Dark, light or somewhere in between? Costa Rica coffee will never disappoint.


History of Costa Rican Coffee

Costa Rica started growing its first coffee beans in 1720. Coffee was first planted in the Central Valley and due to its ideal climate conditions, it has thrived ever since. Costa Rica was the first country in the area to develop the coffee industry.

Coffee became one of their largest exports and an important part of their economy. However, Costa Rica only produces around 1% of the world’s coffee but the quality is exceptionally high. Coffee grown in Costa Rica has such a high standard because of this high-level companies like Starbucks have their coffee plantation there.


Coffee fact:

The secret to the best brews is not to rush the process. So in Costa Rica when the coffee beans are picked, only the ripest beans are plucked and processed.

Costa Rica’s Different Regions, Different Beans!



Costa Rica has eight distinct regions that produce their own special flavor of coffee. The diverse climate of the country helps in growing a huge variety of coffee beans, all perfect and different from each other, so you have Costa Rican coffee in eight different ways.

The most famous region Tarrazu is renowned for its acidic taste and heavy aroma. Whereas Brunca produces moderate flavors. While Valle Occidental is known for a subtle hint of peaches and apricots in its beans.

More than 80% of coffee grown in Costa Rica has perfect growing conditions; the multiple climate and changes in humidity makes Costa Rican coffee exquisite.

Cafe 1820 Costa Rican Ground Coffee, 2.2 lb./1 Kilo – 2 pack

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4 Reasons why Coast Rica Coffee is best

Costa Rican coffee beans are considered among the best in the world. Here are some reasons why.

1. Bad coffee is against the law.

It’s actually illegal to produce any other type of coffee other than 100% Arabica. This helps Costa Rican farmers to pursue true excellence.

2. The tropical paradise isn’t just for vacationing but ideal for coffee beans.

The great thing about coffee from Costa Rica is that you can do almost anything with it and it will be great.

3. Hand-picked!

Costa Rica still picks all their coffee by hand but have adapted new technologies to make the entire process faster.

 4. Traditions are a must.

Costa Ricans use “Chorreador” to make their coffee traditionally. This process makes their coffee taste different and delicious than ever!

Processing types of Costa Rica Coffee

Moreover, the characteristics of coffee from Costa Rica can vary widely. It depends on where the coffee is grown and how it is processed. Costa Rica is famous for processing three types of coffee: washed, natural or honey.

The coffee cherries are picked and peeled to get the beans. They are then separated by the quality of beans and turned into coffee that makes our day super amazing.

  • Washed coffee is the most common process which is used around the world. The coffee cherries enter the mill and fruit is removed with the help of water and machines.
  • Naturally processed coffees are rising in popularity because of their distinct flavor and saving high cost of water.
  • The honey method is the in-between process between the washed and natural process. In the process only a little portion of fruit is removed from the bean and rest is left to dry off with the bean.

Costa Rican farmers usually process coffee naturally, which allows the coffee bean to receive as much flavor as possible. This process is done by leaving the fruit on the bean as long as possible which makes their coffee the best.

Costa Rica Coffee Brands

The best brands are available as both whole bean and ground. If you are looking for authentic Costa Rica Coffee then always look for the label “ Hecho en Costa Rica” because it is pure export quality.  For instance, a few top brands include:

  • Café Britt

  • 1820

  • Peaberry by Doka

  • Café Naranjo

  • Volio

  • Terrazu by Café Rey

The best souvenir in Costa Rica is its coffee since it’s widely available and cheap. You can even take a Costa Rica coffee tour and purchase special coffee.

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Best Way to Brew and Roast Costa Rican Coffee

The brew methods will help in highlighting the balance of body, flavor and sweetness present in Costa Rican beans.

Brew coffee the Costa Rican way:



The Chorreador Style “Coffee in a sock”

It is a Costa Rican traditional drip coffee maker. Certainly, the secret to the most delicious coffee of Costa Rica is out but what many people don’t know is how Costa Ricans make it.

How to do it:

To make coffee Costa Rican way, you need three items. The chorreador, is a wooden stand which holds the filter. The part where you put the coffee ground is called “bolsa”. And lastly, a small cotton bag held open by wire. Now place the coffee in the bag and pour hot water over it.

Other ways to brew a good cup of coffee is either you have espresso, French press or pour over, whatever you try will make great coffee.

You can pull a great shot of espresso if your coffee is a medium roast. likewise, For a lighter roast, filter brew like pour over. Similarly, If you like dark roast coffee it would be great with the French press or automatic dripper.