Cuban Coffee Magic – Types + Interesting facts about Cuban coffee!

Unique properties of Cuban coffee

Cuban coffee is strong with a sweet taste, above all, the most unique thing about Cuban coffee is its distinctive dark color and powerful taste. It is the part of Cuban Culture to drink coffee and if you’re a coffee lover, make sure you must try their coffee.

Moreover, It is traditionally served as an espresso style, made by adding sugar in the finely ground dark roasted coffee beans before brewing.

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Types of Cuban Coffee:

  • Colada: If you want to have Coffee with friends, order this. It is a large cup of Coffee, in addition, it comes with smaller cups to serve your guests.
  • Café Con Leche: This Coffee comes with hot, steamed milk in a separate cup. Therefore, You just pour the milk into the espresso and enjoy.
  • Cortadito: This type of Coffee has several tablespoons of steamed milk.
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Interesting Facts about Cuban Coffee

Cuban Coffee AKA Cafecito or Café Cubano. However, they brew the most favorite and traditional type of coffee with ordinary coffee beans, sweetened with sugar. But, it is twice as strong as any other coffee and they serve it in a small cup.

Other interesting facts about Cuban Coffee are:

1. Cuban coffee is different from other coffees is because a raw type of brown sugar called “Demerara” is used.

2. Cuban coffee beans grow from organic soil materials without the addition of artificial fertilizers.

3. They make Cuban coffee in variations of methods and in a variety of recipes, which makes it unique and delightful.

To sum up, Cuban coffee is fresh, sweet, frothy with a thick layer of faux crema on top. So, If you haven’t tried Cuban Coffee yet, you should try immediately and you won’t be disappointed!