Dominican Coffee – 3 elements to brew the perfect coffee

Dominican coffee guide 

Making the perfect cup of Dominican coffee is a matter of practice and a few secrets. Certainly, Coffee plays a vital role in Dominican’s traditions and culinary culture. Hence, Dominican coffee has full body, mild to light acidity, full of aroma and natural tones.

How to brew a great cup of Dominican coffee?

The answer is simple to this question. There are THREE basic elements to brew great coffee.

1. Freshly roasted beans
2. Clean equipment and pure water
3. Proper water temperature

Moreover, roasted beans should be stored in an airtight jar or frozen to prevent oxidation. Ground beans before brewing. Whereas, grinding beans rapidly increases the surface area which could cause the beans to stale.

Most importantly, grounding beans just before brewing makes the best brew possible. However, In order to get the proper flavor, you need to make sure the water is just off boiling. Dominican coffee has mellower, softer flavors with low acidity which gives it just the perfect taste.

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