Ethiopian coffee – The origin of Coffee

All about Ethiopian coffee!

You’ll know when you’re drinking a cup of Magnificent-Ethiopian coffee. Because it’s nothing like any other coffee. Coffee originated from Ethiopia and they produce some of the best quality coffee. The taste of their coffee is exotic, due to the perfect climate conditions.

Top-notch Ethiopian bean has a very clean taste with bright acidity along with the floral or citrus aroma. However, beans that are dry-processed may have slightly chocolaty or nutty aromas. This is sometimes dominated by robust fruitiness depending on the roast level and won’t taste as clean as the washed varieties.

Want to make a perfect cup of Ethiopian coffee? Choose from these beans.

Coffee Bean Direct Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee, Light Roast, Whole Bean, 5 Pound

One 5 pound bag of 100% Arabica Ethiopian Yirgacheffe whole bean coffee This light roast offers a smooth body with moderate acidity and chocolaty aroma Cupping Notes: Cocoa Powder | Pecan | Brown Sugar | No Flavoring Added Putting café quality small batch, artisan coffee in your coffeemaker Roasted in the USA

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee, Whole Bean Bag, Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC. (5 LB.)

Single Origin Coffee is roasted in our environmentally friendly coffee roaster. 5 lb. Bag, Whole Bean Mild Body, Medium Roast

Coffee Masters Gourmet Coffee, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Whole Bean, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 4)

Case of four 12-ounce valve bags of whole bean Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee (48 total ounces) 100% Arabica ground coffee; freshly roasted Medium-bodied with a delicate acidity; hints of citrus Nitrogen-flushed bag for freshness Ethiopian beans roasted in U.S.

What to look for in high-quality Ethiopian coffee bean? 

The motherland of Arabica bean is Ethiopia. Subsequently, Arabica bean only grows under ideal climate conditions similar to that of Ethiopia. Moreover, every Ethiopian region has its own unique flavor, taste, and aroma. Hence, it is difficult to generalize the flavors of Ethiopian coffees.

The method of processing and roasting level also have a significant effect on the bean. Ethiopia produces hard bean which has intense flavors and aromas.

How to Brew Ethiopian Beans?

Fresh roasted and Fresh ground Ethiopian beans have distinct flavors and aromas. some have floral, fruity or citrus profile which makes them ideal for a cold brew or iced coffee. But if you’re brewing them with hot water, don’t over-extract the beans or they might lose their delicate fruity flavors. Similarly, Ethiopian beans brew great in a chemex with a metal filter which allows more oil to pass through or with a French Press.

A bright beginning, the sweet citrus aroma in the middle and a dry, clean finish without bitterness or any tartness aftertaste.

So, It is pretty obvious that Ethiopia produces some of the most unique and full of quality coffee beans. Their coffee is everyone’s favorite because it’s just that great! In short, it can melt anyone’s heart and make them a coffee lover in just one sip.