5 Reasons Jamaican coffee should be your No.1 choice

“Why is Jamaican Coffee so good, and why does it cost so much?”

Jamaican Beans grows on the hillside of the mountain which gives the bean ideal climate to grow in. However, this makes it very hard to cultivate beans. As a result, the beans are hand-picked making it a labor-intensive process.

The Jamaican beans are pricy because of their unique and rare characteristics. Another reason for the price is due to the very hands-on approach that is required when growing, picking, processing and evaluating the coffee.

The main puzzle piece is the roast.  They need their roast to be precise and takes lots of care to bring out their true essence. Their roast profile is on the lighter side full of creamy-smooth taste with a hint of sweetness.

Most importantly, you definitely don’t need to add any extra milk or sugar with this coffee. It has an extraordinary taste on its own.

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Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee , Certified 100% Pure, Roasted Beans in a 1lb Sac

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5 Reasons Jamaican coffee should be your No.1 choice:

Jamaicans know their coffee beans are unique and they go to considerable lengths to ensure the quality of beans. They don’t compromise on the quality, so only the approved beans carry the name of the Jamaican coffee.

Moreover, the Coffee beans go through lots of stages of tasting and processing. They inspect the beans in both their green and roasted state. They taste it and the process is a lot more rigorous than any other coffee cupping session. Regardless of the reputation and fame of the growing process, if the bean isn’t deemed to perfection, it is rejected.

5 Reasons why to choose Jamaican coffee:

1. Each and Every Jamaican bean is hand-picked

2. Jamaican coffee beans take longer to mature than any other coffee bean

3. They grow under ideal climate conditions

4. Quality is great, which makes their coffee beans unique

5. Jamaican coffee beans are scarce. 

So, A great cup of coffee is worth paying for more. If you’ve already gotten a chance to drink the unique Jamaican coffee, you would already know how good it is.