Quick Guide to Thai Coffee

Bittersweet Thai Coffee

Craving for Dark, strong, hot cup of Coffee? Then Thai coffee is your best choice. Thai coffee is usually bitter because of the type of beans used. As well as the fact that they extract their beans fully.

Traditional Thai coffee is usually steeped for almost 10 minutes until it is strong and bitter. The bitterness is overcome by adding Either the sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk or brown sugar which is then poured over a handful of ice cubes.

Thai beans – Versatile?

Thailand grows Coffee beans of superb and satisfactory quality. This makes it one of the leading countries for coffee production in Asia.

However, Thailand produces two main types of coffee beans. The Arabica in the north and Robusta in the south. Arabica beans need an ideal climate to be perfect and are higher quality bean than Robusta.

Pour over coffee, Espresso, Drip coffee or Cold brew coffee? Thai’s know how to make an everlasting impression on coffee lovers. Thai Coffee is available at any food stands around the country.

Best Thailand Coffee brands

Two most famous Thai coffee brands are Doi Chang ( Mountain Elephant ) & Doi Tung ( Mountain Flag ). Only these two brands are approved by EU Coffee Association for the quality and taste.

DOI CHAANG COFFEE Wild Thai Civet, 1.76 Ounce

Beyond fair trade 50% grower owned 100% wild – civets are never caged or force-fed 100% natural Arabica Whole Bean

Other coffee brands include The Lanna Café & Black Ivory Coffee. They both produce high quality, hand-pick Arabica beans perfect for a world-class cup of coffee.

Paradise Mountain, Rare Thailand Peaberry, USDA Certified Organic, Direct Trade, Whole Bean Coffee 16oz

A prized rare hand selected bean from our bird friendly certified farm in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This special bean offers delicate notes of citrus and cacao, a rich body and a smooth and balanced finish. No coffee matches our certifications, USDA certified organic, Smithsonian Bird Friendly (highest shade grown certification) Kosher certified, Direct trade, non-GMO. Recently rated by Coffee Review, “Best new coffee of the year”, stating this is quite the exceptional coffee.

However what makes Black Ivory unique is how they produce their coffee. The Arabica coffee beans that are eaten by elephants are collected from their dung. Due to its unusual constitution, it is quite expensive and valuable. Black Ivory Coffee costs around $1000 per kilogram.

Thai Iced Coffee

 Oliang is another name for Thai-Iced coffee. It is a versatile drink with a variety of recipes and may include sesame seeds, cardamom seeds, soybeans, corns or rice. To counteract the bitterness the traditional Iced coffee is usually sweet. It is a refreshing drink to enjoy on a hot and humid day!
Want to learn Thai Iced Coffee Recipe? Click here.

Pantai Oliang Powder Mixed Thai Coffee, 1-Pound

Net quantity of 16 ounces A delicious iced coffee drink that is loved in Thailand Can be modified to suit anyone’s taste preferences

Peaberry Coffee Thailand

Peaberry Coffee has 100% Arabica beans, which makes it very rare and exotic. It makes a smooth, full-bodied medium roast cup of coffee. Along with hints of chocolate, honeysuckle and citrus aroma.  

Kao Jai Coffee – Single-origin, Specialty Grade & Direct Trade Thai Coffee

Single-Origin, Specialty Grade Coffee from Thailand Directly Purchased at an Above Fair Trade Rate Hand Picked / Naturally Processed / Hand Sorted Citrus Tones & Chocolate Finish


Either you like your coffee bitter, sweet, iced, hot or even made from elephant dung. Thai coffee has got your back. So, if you’re looking for a dazzling foam-top cup of Coffee during your daily grind, Thai Coffee is no doubt the perfect option to revive your coffee experience.