Vietnamese Coffee – variations, styles + benefits

It’s no wonder many people relate mornings with the smell of fresh coffee brewing or a quick trip to their nearest coffee shop. Likewise, Vietnam is a coffee pumped nation, who starts their day with a satisfying cup of “cà phê sữa đá

The speciality of Vietnamese coffee is that it is not a rushed process. The longer it takes, the better the coffee is.

Origin of Coffee in Vietnam

The French introduced coffee to Vietnam. In the eighteen century, The French missionaries brought Arabica coffee trees from the island of Bourbon and grew coffee around Tonkin.

The mountainous areas of the country are ideal for growing a variety of coffee plants. The multiple micro-climates that they create helps a lot.

Now, not only the coffee industry is growing rapidly in Vietnam but also becoming one of the world’s largest producers of Robusta coffee. Also, Second largest producer of Coffee worldwide.

Although Robusta beans are easier to grow and possess a higher caffeine content. Which gives better crème however, they are ignored by high-end brands. This is the result of the bitter taste that many describes as “burnt rubber”.

Vietnamese coffee is uniquely characterised by a combination of French roast coffee dripped through a Vietnamese coffee filter mixed with condensed milk. The most popular brands for Vietnamese coffee are Cafe Du Monde, Café ’de Paris, and Trung Nguyen.

Impacts of Coffee Production

Vietnamese Coffee Industry:

Vietnam produces 16% of the world’s total coffee. Despite the fact the fluctuating global coffee prices, the importing countries continue to pay a steady price. Vietnam approximately own 20% of the coffee market share.

Vietnam Coffee export was about $3.5 billion during 2017.

A wide number of prominent coffee companies collaborated with the government, civil society organisations and farmers as a part of an effort to replace ageing coffee trees and provide extension and financing services. It was an accurate solution to the fluctuating coffee economy, social inequality and environmental degradation.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee is creamy, rich, smooth and sweet.


Most Vietnamese coffee shops serves a strong and thick coffee sweetened with condensed milk, served over ice.  A perfect finish and balanced drink to cleanse the palate after a Vietnamese meal. The sweetened condensed milk provides a thicker and creamier richness to the coffee, which enhances the smoothness.

Vietnamese Coffee is mostly confused with Louisiana brewed coffee with French roast. The French roast style was similar to Vietnamese coffee in its relatively coarse grind. It made an amazing substitute for traditional brewing in the single serving brewer.

In the late 20th century, the Vietnamese immigrants who went to the States adopted New Orleans style coffee. It was difficult to obtain Vietnamese grown coffee so they preferred French roast style.

In Vietnam however, locally produced coffee is often characterised by medium roast and does not contain chicory.

Vietnamese coffee variations

#1 – Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is the most popular in Vietnam, although the temperature varies in different parts of Vietnam the average temperature is often similar which regularly soar north of 95F.

High temperatures year round and sunny weather makes Vietnamese Iced coffee a definitive choice. The chilled cup of Iced coffee is served with an appropriate amount of creamy condensed milk to flourish your taste buds.

#2 – Vietnamese Egg coffee

Creativity is the other name for people of Vietnam. An alternative way to the plain, old sweetened coffee is the Vietnamese egg coffee.

An extremely creative and delicious way to put Robusta crop to good use. “Cap he trung” A dark brewed black coffee is topped with creamy mixture, created by whipped condensed milk and eggs. This rich and heavenly concoction is rather popular among the people and is a must try!

#3 – Vietnamese Coconut coffee

This one is a simple variation of the Vietnamese iced coffee with an addition of coconut cream. This drink consists of Robusta coffee, condensed milk, and coconut cream poured over ice. It’s a delightful way to enhance your coffee with a slightly different flavor of coconut.

#4 – Vietnamese Coffee smoothie

Another yet amazing and mouthwatering spin on the Robusta Coffee experience is the coffee smoothie. This tropical coffee smoothie contains a combination of different fruits, including, bananas, avocados and sapodilla. They are mixed up to give coffee a burst of flavors and a distinctive taste.

Coffee in Vietnam is incredibly cheap and delicious. Their iced coffee is a refreshing drink to cool you down during the warm, humid months.

Vietnamese Coffee Recipe

One of the key processes in brewing a good cup of Vietnamese coffee is the filter process

Coffee Fact:

Three main factors that effect the taste of the Vietnamese iced coffee. The quality, grind of the coffee and the quantity of the sweetened condensed milk.

Health Benefits of Vietnamese Coffee

Studies have shown that Coffee not only gives your taste buds a rather sensational boost but also elevate your mood. Also, keeps you active, lower your risk of certain diseases and makes you smarter in short term.

Some of the benefits that coffee has on your health are:

#1 – Benefits for the health

Vietnamese coffee contains Chlorogenic acid. This helps reduce body weight, reduce fat absorbed from the diet, reduce fat absorbed in the liver. It also improves the function of fat burning hormone and prevents damage to the lining of the vessels.

Consuming 2-3 cups of Vietnamese coffee regularly can protect the body from arterial damage and any other cardiovascular disorder. Research presented in the Archives of Internal Medicine, there is a direct connection between the “consumption of coffee and reduced risk of liver cancer”.

#2 – Sources of Antioxidants

Vietnamese Coffee is a rich source of disease Fighting Antioxidants. Some studies have shown that this may help in reduced cavities, boost athletic performance, improve moods and stops headaches.

To add further it also reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, gallstones, cirrhosis of the liver and Parkinson’s diseases.

#3 – Alleviates Depression

The caffeine present in the Vietnamese coffee stimulates the dopamine chemical in the brain. It blocks the adenosine receptors which ultimately alleviates depressions and boosts your mood in no time.

It also activates certain neurotransmitters in the brain that regulates the person’s mood. And help in the increasing amount of motivation and activeness.

#4 – Decrease the risk of Gout

The increased concentration of uric acid in the blood is the main cause of gout; it influences the whole joint system of a person and may result in tremendous pain and weakened joints.

The antioxidants in Vietnamese coffee reduce the risk of gout by decreasing the concentration of uric acid in the body.

#5 – Lengthen your life span

It turns out that drinking Vietnamese Coffee may add up to your life by several years. Studies have shown that coffee drinkers tend to live longer than those who don’t drink coffee.

Coffee helps in preventing our body from certain diseases. It also helps protect organs which may contribute to adding more years to our lives.